As the years progress, I realize that life is not as complicated as I have made it out to be. I have constantly fought to either become a part of the standard or fought against what the standard is.  All in all, I now know that I am my own standard. The Divine created me perfectly and complexly as a philosopher and a laborer; a firestarter and a peacemaker, a mother and a daughter, an individual and a part of a whole; a hopeless romantic who is skeptical of love; and a political theorist who hates politics.  I am many extremes and so is this blog.  Please join me in getting drunk on my idiosyncrasies and what I perceive to be the truth.

  1. Jo – Your writing on Haiti was an education. An education on myself as well as our culture. I am lately shocked and amazed to live in the incredibly excessive wealth of the U.S. I have lived elsewhere, and my heart lives in a simplicity somewhere beyond even those different places.

    The power, heart and courage of your writing (and so, you, though you do not project egoic motivation) is part of what I see as our Primal Hope – perhaps the only hope for our people, for the world’s people.

    You transcend ethnicity without losing ethnicity and reach through the reactive conservatism that organizes human minds at this time, to bring a message of otherness without ‘othering,’ a love of words in a loveless and word-dumbed culture.

    Thank you for your leadership. Please come on strong! Please never give up. We need your consciousness so much.


  2. saludos, I loved your writing For Ayiti.. I sent you a message thru OpEd message center about my intentions to translate it into Spanish (I’m from Puerto Rico), hope you don’t mind but my own readers are mostly spanish language people, I will use proper citation and include links to your blog… Bueno, hasta pronto…

    un amigo en Puerto Rico

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