The Old Bait and Switch

In Commentary on June 17, 2009 at 6:55 pm

The Family of Omar Edwards

(the grieving family of Omar Edwards @ his funeral)

So, Twitter has become my universe …and during our steady and rather hot and heavy courtship I have met some amazingly insightful folks.

[Shout out to pricelessrock, hellobrooklyn, gmanspeaks, theblackreport, diggswayne…the ENTIRE list would consume my bog]

At any rate, gmanspeaks and I were tweeting about the election in Iran and I couldn’t help but be a bit soured by the media frenzy surrounding it.  First and foremost- and let’s just be honest about this- that election, it’s outcomes, and the US response to those outcomes was decided long before CNN started reporting them.  I know this game. I refuse to be a pawn and feel that I have some type of say in such events. We can’t even effectively elect our own presidents in this country (oh…shots fired!). No disrespect to the plight of the Iranian people. I know oppression and disenfranchisement well.  But it is their fight to fight, just as ours has been our own. In actuality, the Iranian government made a wise choice in denying access to outside media covering it’s election and the events that followed simply because inacruate media spin can be extremely detrimental to a nation’s peace and cohesion. Yes, I too got all caught up in whether  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad REALLY won the election and became a bit obsessed with the coverage. I then had a wonderful AHA moment. First of all, I remembered that I have not only distrust for, but moreso an actual contempt for US mainstream media. I also remembered that there are plenty of causes for me to be concerned about that directly affect me and the advancement of my people right here, right now.

Why are we so easily brainwashed, tricked, and bamboozled? How come we care more about things that happen outside of our community than we care about things that happen within it? I conclude that our causes are being beaten by the old bait and switch.

So while you contemplate the outcomes of the Iranian election, also ponder these under-reported news stories. Realize that they are under-reported for a reason.

Ignoring Romona Moore:      

The MURDER of Omar Edwards:

Don’t Shoot, I Want To Grow Up:

Paris, TX Dragging Case:        

Truth be told, WE ARE DYING. A new president in Iran will not stop this fact, just as a new president in America has not.  Let us be clear in our understandings and endeavors AND keep our eyes on the prize.


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